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A Line In The Sand

A Line in The Sand is an honest, balanced, and at times humorous glimpse into the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of an IDF combat soldier. It is not a chronicle of war but rather a chronicle of love. Corey’s book describes the sacrifices that must be made in the subjugation of one’s own desires in deference to something greater. It is one thing to draw a line in the sand; it is quite another to summon the commitment and willpower to stand guard over that line.

At twenty-two years old, Corey Feldman left his sheltered, idyllic American life to move to Israel and voluntarily draft into the Israel Defense Forces as a lone soldier. Over the next eighteen months, he endured grueling training, shattering exhaustion, and excruciating physical and emotional pain preparing for life as a special operations combat soldier.


Corey struggled to overcome the linguistic and cultural barriers required to integrate into the military and Israeli society. Simultaneously, he struggled to adjust to a lifestyle in which the unbridled freedom of his life as a university student was replaced by the regimented, unforgiving life of a soldier. Throughout his service in the IDF, Corey searches for the perseverance, resilience, and selflessness to become something more.

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Praise for A Line In the Sand

"An inspiring and gripping story of one young man's determination to defend Israel and the Jewish people through service in the IDF. For anyone contemplating aliya and service as a lone soldier, Corey Feldman's book is a must." Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Knesset Member,  author of New York Times best-sellers “Six Days of War” and “Power, Faith, and Fantasy.”

“This remarkable book sends you into the boots of an infantryman in the Israeli special forces. Corey is a courageous young American who travelled 5,000 miles to put his life on the line to defend a country that stands on the front-line of a struggle for liberty and democracy that confronts us all. Read it to understand the dangerous day-to-day life  of Israeli soldiers, and gain a unique insight into their relationship with the Arab population in a place that has been one of the world’s most controversial flash-points for decades.” Col. Richard Kemp, former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan.

“Corey tells a powerful story about his time training and serving in the IDF.  He gives us a glimpse of what it is like to live in Israel and reminds us of the value of universal service. Whether in the military or our community, Corey’s example of service is something we should emulate to develop the next generation of leaders of character.”
Patrick Murphy, 32nd Under Secretary of the U.S. Army, and first veteran of the Iraq War elected to Congress (8th Congressional District, PA).

"Corey Feldman's account of his IDF service is both a detailed handbook for a new recruit and a patriotic, passionate explanation of why it is that Israel has to fight. A candid, thoughtful memoir." David Horovitz, Founding Editor, The Times of Israel

"This book symbolizes the sacrifice and phenomenal contribution Lone soldiers make to the Israel Defense Forces, Israel and the Jewish people. Corey’s personal story illustrates the will of the Jewish people and the in-gathering of the exiles. An amazing memoir that should inspire us all!"


Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel's 17th Permanent Representative to the UN, Chairman of World Likud and Author of - Israel: The Will to Prevail

“Many Israelis will tell you that the phenomenon of Jews from the United States abandoning all pleasures in the world and enlisting in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is the highest level of sacrifice on the part of our brothers and sisters from abroad. We call it Mutual Responsibility (Aravut Hadadit in Hebrew). Corey Feldman’s story will touch your heart. It is a sensitive and accurate description of what a combat soldier sees and does while serving in the IDF. - Dr. Colonel Moshe Elad (Res.), Former IDF Governor of Jenin, Bethlehem (West Bank), Tire (Lebanon) and Head of RSC to the Palestinian Security HQ, PhD Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A Line In The Sand is Available on Amazon


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