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After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Corey moved to Israel and enlisted in the IDF. Corey served for 3 years in Orev Givati, a specialized reconnaissance unit within the Givati Brigade. He currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant, and continues to do his reserve duty each year alongside his team.  Corey and his team were called up on October 7th - he spent 2 months in the reserves, and 6 weeks fighting in Gaza.


Corey is an Erickson certified professional coach, holds an Executive MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, and a Masters in Healthcare Innovation from The University of Pennsylvania. Corey is a volunteer EMT with the Central Park Medical Unit, a published author (A Line In the Sand), and runs two podcasts, The Lone Soldier Podcast (Apple, Spotify), and Healthcare Reimagined (Apple Podcasts, Spotify). Corey is an instructor and executive board member in the Fuel for Truth Bootcamp, and the President of Legion, which trains Jews to defend themselves, and come to their own rescue. He is also a healthcare entrepreneur and investor, and recently started a healthcare software company called Covered that is automating the process of appealing denied medical claims.


His website and blog can be found at TheExaminedLife.NYC.

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